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Arashigore 1 year ago
You two make an amazing movie. I hope to see more of you
Vugore 1 year ago
quer experiencia nova tenha um brasileiro
Zujin 1 year ago
Can anyone tell me her name
Kitaxe 1 year ago
Hey pan965, where are you watching those original Sailor Moon episodes? Funny coincidence:)
Akirn 1 year ago
i always enjoy watching people experiment, and then haveing them say. well that did not work. as their likn, or molds melt. these guy are unafraid to risk property to get a result to learn from. their is a young guy who is taking fiberglass blanketts and forming them with resin into body armour. that apparently stops shotgun slugs. [impressive. i have thought that this could be done to sedan doors to make them safer for kidnapping attack risks.

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