Halle berry nude in monster ball

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Nishakar 2 years ago
U guys r from
Voll 2 years ago
Wow! What I'd do to fuck quinn's vagina. Xx
Moogutaur 2 years ago
08141144313! Those juice coming out ain't supposed to be wasting .
Daigami 2 years ago
Honest is great, but why brutal? I think there's shades to that. If someone says they need to hear their chances of getting into a relationship or being with me for example, and cannot take what I usually say which is to build up so that they have the confidence to try to ask again, and not fear rejection; then yes I could put it in absolute terms. But I would rather not, because I think it takes a lot of confidence and pushing away that fear of rejection simply to ask someone. I want them to be able to have that same confidence to do it again someday.

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